Friday, August 19, 2016

Bride Day Friday: Wedding Checklist Update

Happy Friday! I think it's time that I owe you guys a positive wedding status update, unlike my last post regarding that bakery fiasco (still not over it). The days are flying by and November is slowly creeping up on us. Upon reviewing my wedding checklist, it turns out we're not that far off from where we should be. *insert sigh of relief here*

Invitations are designed, ordered, and will be mailed to us next week. To say that I'm obsessed with them is an understatement. Our designer was amazing and put up with every single little detail that I wanted added or changed. This was a way better experience than the one we had with our save the date company.

Florist is BOOKED.

Ben and I setup a Honeyfund. I know, I know. I didn't think that we were going to be that couple either, but it's setup for those that want to put money towards our first home. It's kind of a genius idea and a home is a mega post-wedding goal of ours. We're also registered at Target (insta friends got to watch that experience first hand via my instastory), and soon to be at Crate and Barrel. Buy us all the things, we're getting married after all.

Sprinkles cupcakes will be providing the mini cupcakes for our wedding. I'm supes excited about this one. The best part is that they send you cupcakes on your one year wedding anniversary. How sweet (literally) is that? We're also going a different dessert route than the originally planned cake pops that I know our guests will love. Stay tuned for those details to come.

Green Bench Brewery is booked for our rehearsal dinner. Now we just need to secure the caterer, which should be happening within the next week.

After The Great Bakery Mishap of 2016, Ben and I decided on a new vendor for our wedding cake....*drumroll* IT'S PUBLIX.

We have a welcome sign! It's beeeee-a-u-teeful, and will greet you on your way in to our ceremony.

Our bachelor and bachelorette weekends are less than a month away. Cray cray. I'm so excited to be spending a weekend in my favorite city with my girls. Nashville better be ready.

You guys, it's feeling more and more real. Not to say that the pretty ring on my left hand isn't an everyday reminder, but with every little thing that we check off of our list, I get more excited. I can't wait to see it all come together. 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

78 days.

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