Monday, August 1, 2016

The Tampa Lady Project: Official Launch

Picture a room full of talented girl bosses from your community. They're networking, supporting each other, and learning from one another. Each girl ready to channel their inner Beyoncé and truly run the world. Throw in a few cocktails, a made to order t-shirt station, a panel of self accomplished women and you have the official launch party of the Tampa Lady Project.

I attended the Badass Women event on Saturday evening at Station House in St. Pete. It served as a perfect launch pad for the Tampa chapter of The Lady Project and was hosted in partnership with Purple Dot Yoga (a yoga group that raises awareness for domestic violence) to showcase some of Florida's very own badass women. Arriving a bit earlier than expected, I was able to check in with Corrine Turpin. Corrine is the manager of the Tampa chapter. Her passion for this project was instantly apparent upon meeting her.

"The Lady Project mission is to connect, inspire and showcase awesome women doing amazing things. Our goal here in Tampa Bay is to bring as many women together from every arena to learn from each other, share ideas and create new relationships," says Corrine. "When you put amazing, driven and entrepreneurial women together in one room - and they work together, instead of competing with one another - amazing things happen! By shining a light and connecting all of the incredible women and businesses here in Tampa Bay, we'll create a supportive, encouraging community where really great things can happen."

I also took some time to take in the beauty that was the interior of Station House. It is g-o-r-g-eous. The decor inspo limit literally did not exist.

As more girls flooded into Station House, we all began expressing how excited we were to be at an event like this. In a community where there are so many strong and talented women, it's so crucial that there is a medium to bring all of us together. The Lady Project was doing just that. Cocktails in hand, talking about our own big ideas and inspiring one another. It was empowering, really.

The Tampa Lady Project hosted a panel of four incredible women that talked about their endeavors as real life lady badasses. My Snapchat friends (add me: kahlas) and I had a front row seat to all of the girl boss greatness. Included on the panel was Jenn Thai (lifestyle blogger of This Jenn Girl, and social media strategist for local companies), Katelyn Grady and Jenny Miller (owners of Body Electric Yoga in St. Pete), and Maureen McDole (President + founder of Keep St. Pete Lit). Megan Absten (athlete at US Paralympics) was on the scheduled panel, however incurred an injury the week before that unfortunately kept her from attending.

Each woman on the panel talked about how they carried on to accomplish the dreams and endeavors before them. They gave insight to their inspirations and hurdles. One after the other, these ladies stressed the importance of never giving up and how you must always stay tenacious.

"Authenticity is the new currency" said Maureen. "You have to break the mold" said Jenn. The inspiration was just flooding the room, and you could feel everyone soaking up every ounce of it.

Starting in Providence, Rhode Island in 2012, The Lady Project has now grown into twelve incredible chapters around the US. That's twelve chapters of women encouraging each other. Twelve chapters of women that are driven and wanting to come together in their community to innovate, collaborate, and network. More chapters are opening. If you are interested in bringing The Lady Project to your city, you can apply here.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Tampa chapter of The Lady Project, and excited to see what the future holds for it. Judging by the talented women that I met Saturday night, grab your favorite pair of Ray-bans because it's guaranteed to be a bright one.

Find out how you can join the Tampa Lady Project here.

Not in Florida? Find out how you can join your local chapter here.

*This post was made in partnership with the Tampa Lady Project. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

From left to right: Maureen McDole, Jenny Miller, Katelyn Grady, Jenn Thai
From left to right: Maureen McDole, Jenny Miller, Katelyn Grady, Jenn Thai

From left to right: Katelyn Grady, Jenn Thai, Corrine Turpin, Kate Berlin (Founder of Purple Dot Yoga)

From left to right: Corrine Turpin, Kate Berlin, Sierra Barter (CEO & Co-founder of The Lady Project)

Corrine Turpin, Kate Berlin

*This post was made in collaboration with the Tampa Lady Project. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Love this. Looks and sounds like such an amazing night :)

    the way to my Hart

    1. Thanks, Jessica. It was such an amazing group of women!

  2. It was so wonderful to meet you on Saturday, Kahla! Looking forward to keeping up with you here! xx

    Jenn |

    1. You as well Jenn! So happy we were able to connect and it's nice to meet another local blogger. If you ever have any ideas on Tampa blogging connections/meet-ups/events, I'd love to help and coordinate with you. :)



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