Friday, August 5, 2016

Wedding Talk: That One Time a Bakery Deemed Us a Waste of Their Time

Ben and I are about as nontraditional of a couple as they come. Our wedding is a direct reflection of that.

We’re having a “First Look” session before the wedding. We’re getting married in a backyard, my uncle’s to be exact, instead of a church. My uncle will be the one marrying us. We’re having a food truck pull up in said backyard to serve BBQ through their truck window, instead of a buffet. We don’t want a large cake, only a small one to cut. Friends and family will be able to enjoy a variety of desserts from our dessert table featuring mini gourmet donuts, mini cupcakes, and (hopefully) cake pops.

I thought the nontraditional wedding route was all fine and dandy. It's 2016, anyway. Haven't wedding vendors caught on to this? Leave it to me to find the one bakery that hasn't.

For the past two weeks I have been in contact with a Tampa bakery. They came highly recommended via Google Reviews and I excitedly reached out upon finding out that they could also provide cake pops. After some introductory emails, and a “get to know the couple better” survey, they started questioning me on why I only wanted a one or two tier cake. I explained the dessert table situation and how we already had vendors to provide for that. I told them that the cake was strictly for the fact that Ben and I wanted to have something to cut together. That we didn't require a large cake, because guests had multiple dessert options.

These apparently were the magic words for the bakery to consider our order “too small to accommodate on that date”. I’m sorry, but in what world is an order of a one tiered wedding cake and 250 cake pops considered “small”?

Business sense aside, can someone please tell me that this isn’t real life and that a bakery didn’t just deem us essentially a waste of their time and effort? I really want to believe that I’m not crazy for being this offended.

Any recommendations for a Clearwater, St. Pete, or Tampa bakery would be supes appreciated. 

Under 100 days to go.

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