Friday, September 16, 2016

Bride Day Friday: Find Out Where We're Honeymooning!

50 days. I shudder a little bit as I type that, and at the same time I'm excited. In just 50 days, #Brulyweds will come to life in my uncle's backyard complete with string lights, yard games, a dance floor, a DJ, a bbq food truck, and more. It's amazing isn't it? How quickly time has flown? I remember when we would tell people that we had "two years to plan".

We spent the past few nights working on our wedding invites, and finally dropped them in the mailbox yesterday. Somehow this makes it more real. Like yes, we are inviting 200+ people to our event later this year. Yes, once they receive those envelopes in their mailbox they'll be expecting a wedding to come to. And oh yes, there's no turning back now. Not that there was any ever doubt, but now those 200+ people are counting on that November 5th date as well. #nopressure

My stepdad (Alan) is building all of the farm tables that the guests will sit at for our wedding. Ben and I saw the first handmade table last weekend, unstained, and it's perfect. To tell you all the truth, I didn't expect anything less. The man is talented when it comes to carpentry. I can't wait to see the finished stain on it.

Ben's outfit for the wedding has been picked out, as well as the outfits for the rest of his groomsmen. Y'all are going to die when you see how perfectly Ben can rock a bowtie and suspenders. Who knew? (I did).

I'm working with a hair and makeup team for my bridesmaids, my mom, and I. We're in the process of scheduling a trial. I went back and forth for a while on the decision of whether I wanted to hire an artist or not. I concluded that the last thing I want to worry about on my wedding day is how perfectly coated my eyelashes are. I'll happily pay someone else to handle that.

Kaci and Megan went to a tailor for their bridesmaids dress fittings. The look of the dresses that I chose for my girls are very bohemian, i.e.: flowy and loose. That was fun to explain to the lady that was attempting to make them form fitted. In the middle of her tugging the fabrics, I showed her the pictures of what they were intended to look like. She gets it.

OUR HONEYMOON IS BOOKED. All caps SO necessary. Insta story followers already know, but for those that don't, Ben and I are going on a 7 night cruise out of Port Canaveral on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. We'll be staying in a sky loft suite - which, pause: was I the only one that didn't know suites were a thing on ships? When I thought "cruise", I assumed a small cabin that might have a circle window that you can barely see the ocean out of. This is the exact reason why I was completely against it as a honeymoon option in the first place. Low and behold, my future hub-to-be did some research and found us an amazing loft balcony suite (two floors, people) and completely turned me around. The room is unlike anything I've ever seen on a cruise ship. We'll be embarking December 4th, which puts us at almost a month after our wedding. You probably think we're crazy for waiting a month post-wedding. Don't worry, I do too. I just keep reminding myself that it's the sacrifice we have to make to get the full ocean-view room that we want.

50 days to go.


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