Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Olive Green Maxi + Wedge Heels

File maxi dresses under my "top ten favorite things in life", right after Ben and just before Pomeranians. I mean really, how can one dog be so fluffy and so cute? Today on Keeping Up with Kahla I'm sharing my latest maxi find from *drumroll*.....TARGET. Yes, this olive green beauty was on the clearance rack at good old Tar-jay. Unfortunately as a final sale item, it has since sold out, but don't you worry your pretty little hearts about it because I'm linking some sims to help you recreate this look.

The bottom of the dress has a fun dimension to it, so it doesn't completely cover up my favorite pair of wedge heels. Obviously a win over here in girl world. These shoes are still very much on sale by the way, so scoop them up while you can. I'm transitioning these right into fall with me, because 1. I can and 2. they match with everything. Y'all are probably sick of me saying that, but the truth is the truth people.

My cross body has been on repeat for a few weeks now following its purchase from this year's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It even holds my large trifold wallet with room to spare for sunglasses, lipstick, my phone, and keys. I'm telling you guys, it's way bigger than it looks; an important feature for someone like me that carries a lot of random things in her bag.

If you're loving that beaded beauty in my stack, make sure you check out Boho Betty here. Their tassel bracelets are so boho-chic. You can use code KAHLA20 for 20% off of your order.

My Woodkeeps necklace has been a longtime favorite. You can shop my favorite piece of woodsy jewelry here.


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