Monday, September 19, 2016

Why You Should Be Using Instagram Stories (Especially as a Blogger!)

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The debate on the internet continues: to Insta-Story or not to Insta-Story? I'll admit, when Instagram launched Stories I was 110% against it. My opinion was in common with most of the social media mavens: "Why would anyone need Insta Stories when Snapchat already exists?" It wasn't until I had my very own lightbulb moment that I finally got it: my Snapchat following does not come anywhere close to my Instagram one. I reasoned with myself, got over my "Snapchat is the real OG" attitude, and ran my own social experiment. I posted a picture to Snapchat, and one to Insta Stories at the same exact time.

I gave it an hour and checked both posts.

Within that single hour, my Snapchat had hit 21 views. My Insta Story? Almost 60. Guys, that's almost triple the audience in the same amount of time. Some of the viewers that had seen the post on Snapchat had also seen it on Instagram Stories. At that point it became pretty clear which social media outlet I was going to be favoring.

It's now been a month of minimal Snapchat posting and maximum Stories posting. Here are all the reasons why I find Instagram Stories to be worth the switch over:

Insta and Insta Stories is in one app. We all already use and love Instagram, so think of Stories as an extension of that. It's this simple fact that has forced me to consider deleting Snapchat from my phone. I hardly post to it anymore, but I follow bloggers/friends that do. For now, Snapchat lives to see another day, but don't think I won't make it do the icon-shake if I get another "storage almost full" message.

From a business standpoint, it makes more sense. I want to grow KUWK as much as I possibly can, while reaching as many followers as I can. When it comes to audiences, my Instagram following is no comparison to my Snapchat one. Every Story that I post on Insta has reached view numbers that my Snapchat ones never have. This alone makes the choice a no brainer.

People are already following you on Instagram. It saves your audience the extra step of having to search and add you on Snapchat (which some may never do).

You can easily share any part of your Insta Story to your Instagram with a push of the share button. No need to maneuver your fingers to screenshot a picture from Snapchat and hope you catch it before it disappears, only to have to reopen in Insta. Now that Snapchat saves your pictures to Memories instead of directly to your camera roll (now a dual step process) - this reason is especially useful. It's a one stop shop with Stories.

There ya have it. This would explain why my little Insta-circle shows up at the top of your Instagram feed constantly. If you aren't following along, make sure you do so here.

Which team are you on? Snapchat or Instagram Stories? Or both? Why?


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