Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Seven DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for 2016

It's no joke that this year I'll be sporting the stressed out bride-to-be costume for Halloween. To be honest, I think I've been rocking it since August. Sadly, I won't have the time or dedication for a Halloween ensemble this year, but that won't stop me from killing time on Pinterest scrolling through costume ideas when I need a break from all things wedding.

During my scrolls, I found some goodies (and included two that I've done in the past!) to share with you guys on here. I am SUCH a fan of literal and punny costumes; the ones that really makes someone go "OH YEAH!" when they see you. That'll probably explain my 50 Shades of Grey costume pretty accurately.

If you're still stuck on a costume idea, here are seven DIY ones that you can try this Halloween. 

50 Shades of Grey: Remember that one time I basically emptied Lowe's out of their grey paint swatches? Don't worry, it didn't look suspicious at all. I hot glued all of the grey swatches together and made them into a body wrap for this 50 Shades of Grey interpretation. Spandex shorts, a black tutu, and a sparkly face mask were the only other details I needed to complete this costume. 50 shades of Halloween ready - boom.

Pineapple: Pineapples had a major moment in 2016, so why not be one for Halloween? The hardest part of this costume is the stem. Other than that, all you'll need is a yellow dress, and some cute brown shoes. I rocked my favorite booties from last year's NSaleThis tutorial was the one that I followed. My stem got a little lost in translation as you can see, but don't let that phase you. No two pineapples are exactly alike anyway.

Netflix and Chill (2 ways!): This one would be great to do with a friend or boyfriend! You can buy a Netflix shirt here or rock a vibrant red dress. The "chill' half is up for interpretation. Grab a bag of ice, or purchase a shirt that says "Chill" on it. Either option nails it.
Tutorials: Option 1 & Option 2

Source: via Pinterest

La Croix: I am obsessed with La Croix, so I couldn't pass up including this costume on the list! Seriously guys, how cute is this? This costume would be so adorable as a group costume as well. The tutorial looks a little involved, but it would be SO worth it. My guess is that you could also buy a brightly colored shirt and decorate it as your favorite La Croix flavor as a simpler alternative.
Tutorial: Here

Source: via Pinterest
Snapchat Dog Filter: Hi hello, besides the golden gorgeous Snapchat filter that makes everyone look goddess-y AF, we all know our favorite Snap filter is the puppy one. This costume is Snapchat in real life, and it's s'cute.
Tutorial: Here

Source: via Pinterest
Self Absorbed: I LOL'd at this one. Another easy peasy option and the only time that it'll be acceptable to be incredibly self absorbed - just hot glue sponges to whatever outfit you're wearing that evening.
Tutorial: Here

Source: via Pinterest

Facebook: Possibly overdone, but never not laughed at. Pull a Jim Halpert and do the easiest costume of them all: Facebook. Get it? It really is that simple.



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