Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Worn In V-Neck Tank + Distressed Shorts + Lace Bralette + Choker

I purchased this worn in v-neck tank top while I was in Nashville during my Nashlorette weekend. We had gone to a juice bar just before shopping, and I managed to splash my green juice onto the white tank top I was wearing previously. I'm telling y'all, as much as I love wearing white during my #bridetobelife it is NO easy feat. I'm constantly checking to see if I spilt anything on myself and in most cases the answer is yes. Tide to Go is quickly becoming a purse staple.

This outfit is the epitome of laid back. It doesn't get much simpler than a tank and shorts, however it's the little details that make this outfit feel more put together than it actually is. Layered perfectly over my lace bralette, the v-neck cut out leaves just enough detail for a sneak peak of the prettiness underneath. Are bralettes not the comfiest things ever? I love them for layering, and lounging.

Chokers are my new jam lately. My only regret in life is that I didn't keep my stretchy, wired choker from middle school. You know the one. The original choker of all chokers. If you find one, let a girl know. They'd basically be considered vintage at this point. For now, I'll stay rocking my three stone choker. Unfortunately, I can't locate it online, but I've found some sims here, here, and here if you're looking to give the choker trend a try (you should).

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. It's my sister's 20th birthday (HBD Kaci!), and that makes me feel all kinds of old.



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