Monday, November 14, 2016

I'm Back [Married Life Update]

HEY YOU GUYS.  I'm back and I'm a wife. I can hardly believe it myself. I'm still getting used to calling Ben my husband, or as we like to joke: "hubband". Please don't ask me how that started because I literally have no idea. It was probably after one too many Goose & Clubs on our wedding day.

At any rate, it's truly amazing to think that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

We've spent most of our post-married life doing married people things like: purging our old stuff and filling it with new gifts that we received from the wedding, talking finances, setting an actual budget to stick to (scary!), asking ourselves if we "really needed this" from our registry gifts, and really killing it on the procrastination game when it comes to our "thank you" cards.

Married life has changed me so much, i.e.: we went to Target yesterday and I did not make one impulse purchase. Also, SOS please send help because that is so not normal.

Our wedding day was an absolute dream. I can't wait to get the pictures and videos back from our amazing photographer and videographer teams to share with you in a recap post. Ben and I basically had our own reality show for a day and we loved every second of it. I mean look at this crew:

It feels so nice to sleep easy without thinking about the vendors that we have to email tomorrow, or questioning what else needs to be ordered from Etsy so that it's here before November 5th. This wedding really took everything in us in the final weeks to make sure the details were perfect for our day, but it was worth every second of it.

It's good to be back y'all.



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