Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Floridian's Best Guess: A Guide to the Perfect Snow Day

Point blank: I crave seasons. Also point blank: I live in Florida where there is quite literally no such thing. We host sweet summertime just about 90% of the year. I dream about how nice it would be to have cooler temperatures towards the end of September and into October. The embrace of fall with browning leaves, soon following the briskness of winter with fresh snowfall. Then, reality slaps me hard in the face with a reminder that shoveling snow is real thing that people do and I say maybe year round summertime isn't so terrible.

But, you know what would be a real treat? An obligatory-plan-cancelling snow day. No work, no school, having nowhere to be because, well, it's not like you can go anywhere even if you wanted to. It'd be a day of no responsibilities. We can just skip that whole "having to shovel snow, and scrape ice off of your windshield" thing until tomorrow (or ya know, never - doesn't it melt?).

Granted, this girl's never had a snow day in her life, but if I could concoct the perfect recipe for one it would look something like the following:

Cozy clothes ALL. DAY.: Oversized sweaters, cozy knits, leggings, cozy pjs. Underneath it all? The prettiest bralette set from Adore Me. How gorgeous and lacey is the Quinn set? Or the scallop detailing on the Henley one? These pieces are the perfect balance of luxury and lounging. When you sign up with Adore Me, you receive your first set for $25. That's A SET. TWO PIECES. FOR $25. As a girl that loves a good bra and panty deal, this is something I can get onboard with. If you sign up for the VIP membership, you can use code KNOCKOUT for $5 off 1 set, $15 off 2 sets, or $30 off 3 sets. Choose to be comfy, without sacrificing the sexy under your snow day attire.

Holiday movie bingeing: It's not like we needed a snow day to check this one off of the list during the holidays, but it helps us feel a little less guilty. If you need some recommendations: Four Christmases, Home Alone, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and obviously Elf are some great movies to indulge in.

Baking sweets: For some reason, this activity came to mind first. Y'all - I don't even bake, although my Pinterest boards might suggest otherwise. Use this time to whip up a sweet treat that you've been waiting for the perfect time to make. You won't be going anywhere soon. I'd consider trying my hand at these AKA ask Ben to make them. ;)

Cozying up with a book + hot chocolate near a fireplace: No, I don't have a fireplace - but in my snow day dream I definitely do. I also have a farm sink, and marble countertops in my kitchen - but, I digress. Throw in a good book, some hot chocolate, and check on me in a few hours to see if you can refill my mug. By the way, did you see this roundup of incredibly amazing hot chocolate recipes that I put together? You'll want to try them all.

Brave the cold for some snowtivities (snow activities? - I try): I know it's hard, but if you're willing, leave your cozy nest just long enough to go outside and enjoy the snow. It's the reason you're home after all! Snowtivities that I would try, but know absolutely nothing about:
  • Build an igloo (is there a blueprint to follow for these?)
  • Craft a snowman (no top hats in my closet, but tons of floppy fall hats #bloggerprobs)
  • Throw a few snowballs (if you throw dirty snow at me and ruin my chunky knit sweater, I might actually cry - make sure it's fresh)
  • Sledding down the nearest hill (sounds supes insta-worthy, let's live-story it)

What's your recipe for the perfect snow day? I'd love to hear it. Leave your responses in the comments below!

*This post was made in collaboration with Adore Me. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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