Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Five Key Travel Essentials (that make any flight go as smoothly as possible!)

2016 has been a year full of travel for me, and I'm not complaining whatsoever. Among my list of visits have been Tennessee (twice!), Colorado, Miami, Illinois, a cruise to Haiti, Jamaica, and Cozumel. As I write this post I'm on a plane back to Colorado. Last up on my list this year for trips will be Louisiana for a friend's New Years Eve wedding. At this point, I'm ready to add the plane emoji back to my social media profile bios.

Mastering plane rides is no easy feat, especially the longer ones. Today I want to share with you my list of five air travel essentials to make your next flight go as smoothly as possible. At times those rides can seem endless, even more so when they're 4+ hours long. The best thing you can do for yourself before boarding a plane is to know that you're prepared for your time in the sky with these five key essentials.

Something to put your essentials in:

In my opinion it all starts with a large tote bag to bring on the plane that will fit comfortably below the seat in front of you. I use this one from BP all of the time for my trips (this one is almost identical), but when I want to switch it up I'll opt for my trusty large black Tory bag. It's no longer available online, but I've linked a similar one here. Both bags are great options and can hold just about every travel essential you need.

Something to snack on + Water to stay hydrated:

Snacks and water to stay hydrated are SO necessary during a flight, especially long ones. Normally airlines will supply nuts or crackers during your trip, but I like to purchase my eats beforehand so I know that it's something I'll enjoy. Granola, trail mix, and fruit are always easy to eat snack options that you can bring onboard with you. Don't forget to snag a little bottle of H20 before boarding. If you're like me, remind yourself not to drink it too fast. That way you won't have to leave your seat for the restroom (I hate standing up in planes).

Something to entertain you during the flight: 

Trips that I take for work are normally me by myself, so Ben isn't there to entertain me during the plane ride and I need something else to pass the time. Clearly this is why laptops, iPhone apps, and books exist. I like to blog in my notes app on my iPhone while flying. It's a perfect no distraction zone because without internet readily available it's not like I can get lost in a social media black hole *cough* Pinterest *cough*. Books are another great option to pass the time while up in the sky (like this one). My mind will get lost in blogging or reading and before I know it, a 4 hour plane ride is narrowed down to 2 hours. Way more manageable.

Something to block out the unwanted noise:

A wise woman once said: "Headphones are the key to a peaceful flight." Ok, actually that's never been said before until now by yours truly (clearly the wise woman). But really. Crying baby? Headphones. Person next to you won't stop chatting? Headphones. Just want to zone out and listen to your favorite music or movie while traveling? Headphones. They're also the easiest item to forget when packing your tote bag, so it's best to grab those the night before to ensure you'll have them handy for the plane ride. I'm a fan of my earbuds, but I've heard amazing things about these noise cancelling headphones.

What travel essentials do you always bring with you on long flights to help pass the time? I'm always looking for suggestions.

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