Monday, January 2, 2017

2017: Why I'm Putting Self-Care First This Year

2016, you were so good to me. I launched Keeping Up with Kahla in this little corner of the web. I got to marry my best friend. I traveled, a heck of a lot - some for leisure, some for work. 2016 was a year of growth - both personally and professionally.

Looking forward to 2017, I want it to be a year of self-care not only physically, but mentally. At any given moment, I have this lingering thought that there’s always something else that I could be doing. That there’s always something that I could be checking off of my to-do list - especially when it comes to this little blog of mine. I’m learning that I never give myself down time to recharge and relax away from my to-do list.

When you’re the kind of person that believes every minute should be spent being productive, self-care really presents itself as a challenge. I’ll be honest: taking time for myself to stay away from my to-do list just seems like a waste of time. I can’t see where it’s a good thing, and that my friends is the exact issue.

Learning that it’s ok to take a breather, and just hit refresh on yourself sometimes is OK. It HAS to be OK. Otherwise your stress levels suffer, and you burn out.

Initially I thought this whole resolution could be accomplished by scheduling myself monthly massages - I’m realizing that it’s a bigger challenge than that. This is going to take a mindset shift, unfortunately for me and Massage Envy.

Rest assured that I have no intention of tossing my to-do list. I’m a planner and list-lover at heart, so there’s just no way that could happen. What will happen is working smarter, not harder. Taking time for myself and knowing that it’s going to be OK to do so. Establishing a routine and carving time out for my well-being. It’s going to be a challenge, but 2017 I’m ready for you. I’m ready for a year of putting self-care first.

What are your resolutions for 2017? Any tips for someone that's looking to put self-care at the top of their list?


  1. Girl, I am right there with you! I struggle to just sit and BE. I constantly feel the need to be checking things off of my to do list...and here's the bad part, if I've finished today's to-dos, I move onto tomorrow's to get ahead. WHAT? NO! Here's to self-care for the both of us this year! xo, Jess

    1. AH it's never ending seriously. We'll get there! It's definitely a work in progress.

  2. Replies
    1. That's what Ben keeps trying to tell me too :(. I'm learning that I think I really need that downtime.


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