Monday, January 30, 2017

Life's Curve Balls + Bright Sides

Life has been a whirlwind as of late, but not without a few bright sides to spare.

I've been slammed at work. Late nights, early mornings, and lots of coffee - mostly for a company conference that I was the event planner for.
Bright side: The conference was a huge success. Seeing it come together (much like Ben and I's wedding) was a great feeling. Any event planner can appreciate that simultaneous feeling of stress and joy.

My car broke and was immobile all week last week. I was finally able to get it towed last night, and found out from the MINI dealership that it was a battery issue. I'm not going to lie - my car has seen better days. I love my MINI, but the idea of selling it has come up more than once today. I literally shudder at the thought of taking on a new car payment, but spending all of my time in and out of the MINI auto shop sounds way less appealing.
Bright side: More time with the hubs! With one usable car, Ben has basically turned into my personal Uber ("Bru-ber", get it?).

A couple of weeks ago my sister Megan was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. When I say life has been a whirlwind, this by far has been the biggest gust.
Bright side: Hard to say, other than she has an incredible support system through our family and friends. My family is a close one to begin with, but this news is only bringing us together even more. Megan (and all of us) will get through this.

I don't dive too much into the personals on here and I don't know why. It's important to acknowledge the segments of life that all seem to pile up and knock you down a little bit. They force you to appreciate when things are going well, and remind you not to take it for granted.

Here's to looking ahead and looking for the bright sides - they exist. Even if they're hard to find.


  1. Love your perspective! There's always a bright side!

    1. Thank you! It's hard to find sometimes, but it's there.


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