Thursday, February 16, 2017

Kahla Currently | Ten

Feeling: Buuuuusy. I'm still editing a behind the scenes video for y'all of what happens when Ben and I go out to shoot for the blog. Typically my sister edits all of my videos, but with her schedule picking up I've decided to give it a try. She showed me some tips and tricks, but it's still taking me a while to move through it. I also shot a new haul video last weekend that will hopefully be up soon. Just hang tight with me.

Netflixing: Shameless. Have you guys watched? It follows a dysfunctional family that's growing up in south side Chicago. The dad is a narcissistic alcoholic, and the mom - well, we're lucky if she even shows up half the time. Thankfully, the family is raised by Fiona (the oldest of five siblings). It's as trashy as it sounds, but it's an incredible show. Every time we start an episode, we don't stop until three episodes later. It is so addictive.

Loving: The goodies I bought from Fab'rik. This is a boutique in the Tampa area (they have multiple locations in other cities too!). I went to their Galentine's Day event on Monday night with my friend Shannon where they had appetizers, drinks, and 20% off of your purchase. My kind of party. I bought a cute camo top (see it here) and a light green, off the shoulder top for St. Patrick's Day in March. We'll be bar hopping in Chicago, so it was a must. 

Listening To: The new Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack! We saw the movie last week with my sister, and I loved it. I've read all the books so each time the next movie is released I have to go see it. The soundtracks that accompany the movies are so spot on.

Wanting: This Rebecca Minkoff bag. I included it in my "bags I'm loving" roundup last week. I honestly shouldn't even be looking at bags (I have way too many to begin with) but I just can't get over my heart eyes for those metallic tassels.


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