Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekend Recap || 2.20.17

Happy Monday! I hope that you're getting a chance to enjoy the lonnnng weekend. I'm actually going into work today, so this weekend was similar to any other one for me. To start this week off on the right foot, I'm recapping what made this weekend a great one:

We kicked off Friday night with date night in St. Pete, right after a stop to see Megan in the hospital She started her second round of chemo last Thursday, so we popped in to see how she was doing. Since we were already in the area (and starving!) it made sense to hit a place that was nearby. I chose The Mill. Ben ordered their Southern Belle Salad, while I went for the Seared Diver Scallops. SO DELICIOUS. I want to go back to try their charcuterie board.

Date night was of course followed by binging on Shameless. Because we literally cannot. Stop. Watching.

Saturday morning I went to get my hair done. There's something to be said about fresh hair, and Veronica at V Hair Lounge does an amazing job on mine.

I finally got a Facebook page setup for my blog! I'd be so happy if you guys would go show it a little love, and give it a "like" right over here. Next up, I'm working on a newsletter that you'll be able to subscribe to. Any tips surrounding that would be awesome. I've signed up with MailChimp, but that's as far as I've gotten. I really need to sit down and work my way around their website.

There's a new video up on my YouTube channel! It's shot vlog style and shows what a typical day looks like for when Ben and I go out to shoot for KUWK. It was the day that we shot the photos for my blog's birthday post. For the first time ever, I used a balloon as a prop and it was SO winnnnnnndy! This video literally took me forever to edit - it was my first one that I've done by myself. Let me just say, I have so much more respect for video editors. It's no easy feat.

This Sunday wasn't a lazy one by any means. I woke up early to finish editing that video for my channel. Ben made homemade chicken noodle soup for dinners this week. After we felt like we accomplished enough, we went out to International Mall and I picked up a few things. One of them was this top (but in green) for St. Patty's Day. The other was these printed leggings from Lululemon. Ben got lucky and also found a St Patrick's Day outfit! Afterwards, we checked out the new World of Beer. Since it was so gorgeous outside, we sat out on their patio. It was a perfect way to wrap up our Sunday.

Cheers to a new week! You better be spending the third day of your three day weekend lounging, or somewhere on a beach since I can't. I'll be in my office oozing with jealousy. 


  1. Just liked your page! Does your world of beer offer brunch?! If so, totally check it out-it's way worth it!

    1. I think they do? We saw a sign that said "Beerunch", something like that LOL. Sounds like we'll have to give it a try!


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