Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Local Events: Heart Pump Pop Up

I’m a huge advocate for local events. Part of their beauty is seeing what your community offers that you might not have known existed. As Ben and I look for places to live, we're trying to keep this in mind. We want an area that has a community feel. We want little local events - even if it is just a quick stroll through a cute farmer's market on a Saturday morning.

Speaking of - last weekend Tampa got a brand new local event. It's called the Heart Pump Pop Up.

Ben, Kaci, and I ventured out to the inaugural launch of the pop up last Saturday. It was held at Perry Harvey Sr. Park in Tampa. I was invited to become a brand ambassador, as well as cover the event for my blog. Obviously the answer was YES and HECK YES. 

The pop up event was created by Mars Bason. She recently moved to Tampa from Miami - a place full of thriving community events, art walks, you name it. When settling into her new neighborhood in Tampa, she knew that the community was missing something - thus the idea of the Heart Pump Pop Up Festival was born. “We needed something to do around here on a regular basis", she told me.

The Heart Pump Pop Up was just that. Vendors brought their best food, crafts, and talent tents to the park. Visitors floated freely to each tent to scope out the local goodies. Some personal favorites of mine were Cheeses Crust (so YUM!), Wakamolé, and Macrameoww (you know this girl left with a new succulent for her office #sorrynotsorry).

The Heart Pump Pop Up will be held every third Saturday of the month at Perry Harvey Sr. Park. Make sure you come out to the next one to meet Tampa’s local makers! Find out more about this local pop up by clicking here.

*This post was made in collaboration with Mars Bason and the Heart Pump Pop Up. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.



  1. Love this Kahla! I agree with living in a place with a community feel. Farmers markets are the best for weekend strolls!

    1. Thanks Chelsea! It's so true. They are so fun to stroll and look through. You never know what local goodies you may find.


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