Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Feels: 7 Things to do This Season

Serious thoughts lately include: why in the world is adult spring break not a thing? I could use a week off to reset my life somewhere sunny and 75. The weather in Florida has been just gorgeous lately. It's further reinforced by the crowds of people that I can see from our office kitchen window as I look down at Whiskey Joe's (for those not from Tampa - it's a beach bar). There are jet skis and boats galore full of people just being outside and enjoying the sunshine.

It's true. Florida weather is extremely beautiful this time of year. Floridians and tourists alike have a duty to get outside and enjoy it before the dreadful days of summer heat arrive. That's why I'm putting together this quick spring bucket list for us. If we can't have a full week dedicated to enjoying this list we can at least fit it in over the course of a season, right?.

Here are seven things you can do during the spring season that'll give you all of those wonderful spring feels:

Spring cleaning. It's called "spring cleaning" for a reason. New season, new life, new moments ahead. Purge the old and welcome the new.

Go to a baseball game. I can see Ben smiling already as he reads this one. There's just something so right about a baseball game in the spring. Once the games start here at Spectrum Field, they have dollar beer nights every Tuesday. I literally cannot wait.

Have a picnic outside. This is such a fun date night alternative to the usual sit-down restaurant. If making sandwiches for a picnic isn't your thing, just grab a meal to-go from your favorite take out place. Our meal of choice for nights like these would be Panera. Enjoy the night on a brand new picnic blanket, opening a bottle of your favorite wine. *click item pictures below to be brought to their page for purchase

Change your workout routine scenery. Go for a run outside around your neighborhood, instead of on a treadmill at the gym. Buy free weights and do curls in your backyard. Working out outside lifts your spirits and breathing in that fresh spring air makes that last set a little easier.

Enjoy drinks on the patio outside at your favorite bar. With this weather, how could you not request a seat outside? If your favorite spot doesn't have a patio (tragic), find a new one that does to enjoy some brews in the sunshine.

Find a new go-to spring nail color. How pretty are all of these? *click item pictures below to be brought to their page for purchase

Buy a new plant for your home space or work office. I picked myself up a new succulent at the Heart Pump Pop Up last weekend. It's now sitting happily in my office at work, along with the orchids that Ben bought me for Valentine's Day (shocked they're still alive TBH). A little new greenery does the soul some good.

What are some things to do on your list for spring? Who wants to start the movement with me to get adult spring break recognized on the company holiday calendar LOL? Leave your responses in the comments below!



  1. I love picnics!! Definitely going to have one this week!

    1. Yes! Picnics are the best. I love how casual they are. We love having our picnics on the beach, even though seagulls can be a threat. Just have to shield the goods!


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