Monday, April 10, 2017

Kahla Currently | Eleven

Feeling: I'm not kidding when I say that I'm basically falling asleep at my laptop as I type this post up. Your girl is exhausted. Ben and I were out with friends until after 2AM on Friday night, shot YouTube videos Saturday then stayed up until 2AM Saturday night watching Netflix, and then went out to the beach with friends Sunday and stayed up until 1:30AM Sunday night. Whatta weekend. I need sleep, or ya know like 10 espressos.

Netflixing: We finally finished the Netflix seasons of Shameless. What an emotional roller coaster of a show. TBH when we watched our very first episode, I was shocked that I liked it so much. It's nothing that I can really relate to - but the chaos of it all was just so intriguing. I can't wait until season 7 hits our Netflix feed. Until then, I'm bingeing on 13 Reasons Why. Highly recommend both if you haven't watched either of them yet.

Loving: On Swann. Oh. My. Goodness. Ben and I went to this restaurant for our Fiverversary and the entire meal was delicious. We shared a butcher board, indulged in their drinks - a walnut-maple old fashioned for him, the mi casa su casa for me, and just enjoyed the evening. Entrees of choice were the burger and scallops. I want to go back again and soon. This Tampa gem is a good one. 

Listening To: Lots of Eric Church. Ben and I are seeing him next month when he brings his tour to Tampa! I can't wait. The entire show is just him straight through - no openers. Usually that'd make me sad because I love seeing the less popular acts (normally I know a song or two). With it being EC and all, I'm A-OK with zero act changes. He's one of those artists that can put out an album, and I'll love every single song. The only other artist that I do that for is Kip Moore. 

Wanting: My workout clothes are literally overflowing from the drawers of my dresser - so there's no reason for me to even be looking at new leggings. HOWEVER I just can't get over the cut outs on the waistband of these. So freaking cute, right? Just agree - they're already sitting in my cart.

Hope you all had a lovely Monday. How was everyone's weekend? What are you up to lately?


  1. I'm currently in Season 7 of Shameless! If you happen to have Hulu, you can sign up for a free one month Showtime add-on, so you can watch Season 7! That's what I did :)

    1. Not going to lie, this sounds like a totally necessary life hack! I need season 7 immediately. Thanks for the tip girl!


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