Monday, April 3, 2017

Printed Flares + Strap Front Tank Top

Full disclosure: today was the day that Ben *learned how to properly use our camera and blur the background of the photo while keeping me in focus.

*By learned what I really mean is we got super frustrated with our attempts, called Ben's mom (who gave us the camera), and begged for guidance. She's really great guys. Without her, these pictures would not have been possible. Also it's highly likely that Ben and I might have been separated by the end of the shoot. Someone please remind him that he's an Instagram husband.

I won't pretend like we know exactly what we're doing when it comes to photography (or even blogging for that matter - ha!), but I think we're making progress with learning.

Let's talk about these printed flares. TBH I like calling them my party pants. I mean would you just look at them? Loud, poppy, printed and I cannot get enough. They're SO fun, but unfortunately SO not available anymore at American Eagle. Not to worry, because I'm going to link some fun printed options (shorts, pants, and rompers!) down below for you guys so you can join the printed party too.

I wanted to downplay my top as much as I could because these pants are pretty statement worthy on their own. The strap-front on this white tank is all the detail I really needed. It's under $25 and comes in quite a few colors. You better believe I have it in black also. It's a basic for me - paired or layered, this tank works well in a lot of #OOTD situations. I think the only place I haven't worn it is work, since it is just a teensy bit low cut.

Shop liveFASHIONABLE jewelry (I'm wearing their rings): click here
Shop BohoBetty (use code KAHLA20 for 20% off!) - Pacific Ocean Tassel Bracelet shown in pictures: click here

*click item pictures below to be brought to their page for purchase

**Make sure if you purchase the saddle bag that you double-check the size. I've linked both small and large versions - the one I'm wearing in the pictures is the large version.


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