Tuesday, June 6, 2017

St. Louis Eats: Twisted Ranch Review

Twisted Ranch is the new kid on the block in St. Louis. The Missouri based restaurant is located on a corner in a quaint and cute neighborhood called Soulard (think ivy covered walls, and eclectic colored doors). If you weren’t looking for it, you might even make the mistake of driving past it. Don’t make a snap judgement based on its humble location though. Inside the restaurant your tastebuds will go crazy over, you guessed it, their house made ranch. More specifically: 27 flavors of it.

I’m talking avocado ranch, cheesy bacon ranch, kemowasabi ranch. The list goes on.

We visited Twisted Ranch while we were in town during Memorial Day Weekend with Ben’s family. Rumor had it that ranch-loving humans filled the sidewalks hoping for a seat inside as it got closer to Twisted Ranch’s opening time. To avoid any risks of not getting in, Ben’s dad hung outside the restaurant to hold our place in line. To kill time the rest of us walked up and down the aisles of a nearby farmer’s market. At that point he was the first and only one there - mind you this was an hour and half before opening. When our group came back to the restaurant to join Ben’s dad outside, we saw that the sidewalks had filled up quite noticeably.

We were let in at 11AM when Twisted Ranch opened - first ones in, woop woop! The restaurant isn’t large by any means. I liked the rustic-industrial decor. There was a bulbed St. Louis city sign hanging on the wall. Their ranch flavors (all 27 of them!) are displayed proudly on a chalkboard above the bar.

Our group perused our menus upon sitting down. I knew immediately that I had to try Twisted Ranch’s Bloody Mary. It’s made with, get ready for it, ranch infused vodka and served with a ranch seasoning coated rim. I know what you’re thinking. Ranch vodka, but why? BECAUSE RANCH Y'ALL. Just trust me when I say to skip your normal lunchy adult drink and give this one a try. Your tastebuds will rejoice and you’ll totes understand the “why”.

For lunch, I opted for the chicken gyro with fries. It was good, but let’s get to what actually matters: the ranch. I had a hard time committing to which ones I wanted to try out because they all sounded AMAZING. My gyro automatically came with Twisted Ranch’s Greek Ranch, so I decided to also add on the Red Billy Goat (red peppers and goat cheese), and the Sunny in Fetadelphia (sun-dried tomato and feta). Both were creamy, zingy, and tangy. I appreciated the tiny chunks of feta in the SIF ranch. The peppers in the RBG were the perfect partner to my gyro and fries.

I’m a big fan of restaurants that take something so simple and amp it up a notch. This is exactly what Twisted Ranch is doing with one of America’s favorite condiments. The next time you’re in St. Louis, make sure you add Twisted Ranch to your list of restaurants to try. Tell them I sent you!

For more ranchy deets, check out Twisted Ranch's website here: https://www.twistedranch.com


  1. This looks amazing! Neeeed that bloody mary!!

    1. It was! My ranch love met new levels that day. I need to find a way to recreate that bloody mary stat.


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