Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Headphone Highlights: Aubrey Wollett [+ Interview]

The perfect Florida scene normally includes lots of sand and sunshine, being just feet from the water. You breathe in the salty air and listen to the waves crashing with a cold drink in hand (for me, a vodka club). Toes are buried so deep in the sand that they're actually cool from the outside heat. The only detail missing from this perfectly painted picture is the background music playing on your iPhone speaker. My suggestion: a little bit of Aubrey Wollett.

Say hello to my latest Headphone Highlights feature.

Aubrey Wollet is a Florida grown girl from one of my favorite Sunshine State cities - Dunedin! When it comes to her sound: think Jake Owen, meets Sheryl Crow, mixed in with just a touch of Jack Johnson.

My sister and I had the pleasure of meeting Aubrey while we were at the Wyndham on Clearwater Beach where she was performing poolside. Her tunes were incredibly beachy, and carefree - paired with her soulful voice, it was a pretty glorious combo. She had her share of cover songs in her set, but I thoroughly enjoyed her originals.

We caught Aubrey after her set at the Wyndham and she was incredibly sweet. I was able to see her perform a second time at Fun N Country (a country music festival held annually in Clearwater) the very next day. She rocked it yet again on a bigger stage where she drew a decent sized crowd (a rarity for openers at that festival!).

Her positive energy, infectious vibes, and catchy songs make you crave being oceanfront surrounded by salty air just doing you're own thing. Some of my favorites of Aubrey’s include Saltwater Gypsy, Dime a Dozen, and Summer Never Ends.

Aubrey's latest release Saltwater Gypsy helps you find the that carefree beach-babe soul that lingers in all of us. You know the one I'm talking about. Check out her music on iTunes and let that side of you rejoice. Go coastal for a little while, in the best way.

Aubrey agreed to do a short and sweet interview for Keeping Up with Kahla. Read on to learn a little more about this Florida girl!

Who are your top three musical influences and why?
AW: Sheryl Crow because she’s timeless. I love her style and admire her songwriting. I was also influenced by James Taylor growing up because my parents love listening to him. And of course Shania Twain was a huge influence for me.

It’s karaoke night. What song are you singing? (can’t be one of yours!)
AW: My go to karaoke songs are basically all TLC. Waterfalls is my favorite.

You’re from Dunedin, where is your favorite local spot to grab a bite to eat when you’re home? What do you order?
AW: I love Frenchy’s Outpost! Fire Island Shrimp and Fish Tacos.

What’s next for Aubrey Wollett? (i.e.: new music, tour, etc.)?
I will be releasing a new single at the end of July!!

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