Tuesday, August 22, 2017

7 Things to do on Your Next Staycation

All too often I'll come home from a vacation exhausted, and ready for a vacation from THAT vacation. This is normally because Ben and I's vacays are filled to the brim with activities and things to do while we're at our destination. We rarely have a chance to actually relax because we're so busy doing other things. While I (and my Instagram feed) love that we maintain an active lifestyle on vacay, I wouldn't mind the occasional R&R while I'm using up my PTO hours from work.

Cue the good ole staycation.

My very favorite aspects of a staycation are the money and time you save on travel. A staycation gives you the chance to discover treats of your own hometown without ever having to leave it. Have you ever taken a staycation? Each time we have I've been delightfully surprised by my own city. Ben and I travel so much that it's easy to forget that the Tampa Bay Area offers a lot of hot spots and hidden gems on its own.

Take a day, a week, or a long weekend and give yourself the opportunity to relax and fall in love with the city you call home.

There's no shame in taking a staycation in your own city or heck even mostly from the comfort of your own home. I have the perfect staycation to-do list that requires minimal travel and effort. The best part? No packing. Here are seven things you can do to have a great staycation in your own city + from your own home:

Sleep in. Skip the alarm the mornings of your staycation and catch some extra Z's. You've earned the extra R&R after all.

Treat yourself to a mini home spa day. Put on a soothing face mask, paint your nails your favorite color, light a candle, and think about a whole lot of nothing. There's something to be said about a fresh coat of nail polish and refreshed skin.

Eat brunch at a restaurant with an old friend. Try a new place that neither of you have been to before, or a place that you both already love. Can't go wrong with good food and even better company. They both do the soul some good. (Tampa Bay friends, have you tried Wildflower Café yet?)

Visit a local coffee shop and bring along a new book to read. Nowadays those that can take the time to slow down and read a book word for word are considered lucky. Give yourself the opportunity to fully focus and get lost in the words of your book. Block the rest of the world out. All whilst enjoying your hot or iced cup of joe.

Cuddle up with a cozy blanket and a movie. Rent a movie you've been meaning to see, or watch something brand new. The options are usually endless between Netflix and iTunes. Any good movie night would involve the perfect blanket to cuddle up with. These blankets from Crane and Canopy look like they'd be perfect to cocoon in

Bake a Pinterest treat that you've been meaning to try. I have a ton of sweets that I've pinned to bake, but have never actually taken the time to do so. Fitting it into a staycation while at home with no other obligations seems like the perfect time to give the recipes a go. 

Enjoy a fancy dinner with your significant'o. Get dressed up, and go somewhere that's special to the two of you. For Ben and I, it'd likely be Bern's Steakhouse in Tampa. We went there some time ago for our one year dating anniversary. Indulge in a meal that you'll love, and don't forget to top it off with dessert. You're on vaca-erh, staycation after all. 

The beauty of a staycation is that even though you're still in your hometown, you almost feel like you're in another world. You feel as if you're five states over even though you're only fifteen minutes from home. It's simply putting a temporary hold on your regularly scheduled life to indulge in the things that are always around you, but that you might not necessarily have the time for.

This was a conversation collaborative with Crane & Canopy. All opinions and thoughts expressed here are my own.

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