Thursday, August 31, 2017

Weekend Wins | Thirteen

Our friend Alex was in town this past weekend. We stayed out entirely too late last Friday, drank way too much, then did an escape room on Saturday morning with little sleep and fully engaged hangovers (except for Alex, cause you know "he doesn't get hangovers". What kind of sourcery is that?).

The escape room itself was fun. WE ESCAPED, I'll have you know. Four people in an escape room together is just the right amount in my opinion. I've done them before with larger groups and it seems like you waste more time because too many opinions exist in a limited sized room. Have you ever tried an escape room before?

I had the chance to meet the beauty and brains behind Style Collective, Annie Spano. She's just as sweet in person as you would imagine! We indulged in Italian fare and other goodies at Timpano in Hyde Park Village. I ordered the chicken pesto pasta and would highly recommend it to anyone visiting that restaurant. Thanks to Brit over at xoxoB for organizing!

Brunch + Bridal things. Our friends Kayla and Brad are getting married this November and this weekend she had her bridal shower. We had so much fun showering the bride to be while enjoying tasty food and quality friend time. The bridal shower was held at an adorable location called Aerie Lane located in downtown Safety Harbor. I definitely want to go back and try out some of their craft workshops.

My Instafam knows I've been loving this Yes To Calming Micellar Cleansing Water. It smells just like cucumbers! I've been putting a little on my face during the days where I'm going makeup free, or if I'm only rocking mascara. If you try it out, let me know. You'll love how clean and refreshed it makes your face feel.

We're one day away from the lonnnnng holiday weekend! What are your plans? Ben and I are keeping it low key and staying in town (for once). 

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