Monday, September 18, 2017

KUWK Roundup: Denim Skirts

Hey hey Monday! How was everyone's weekend? Florida friends: did you get rest and relaxation following last week's Irma aftermath? Ben and I probably had our busiest weekend in a while. Friday night we were supposed to hit the USF vs. Illinois game in Tampa but bowed out after the week we had from travel. I feel so old and boring, but we knew the weekend ahead was already busy so we opted for a fropi (frozen pizza), some Publix chicken wings, and watched the game on TV. No shame in our game.

Saturday night was spent jamming at the Bleachers concert. They came to Florida and played at Jannus Live in St. Pete. Seriously guys, that show was incredible and such a blast. It was my first time seeing Bleachers in concert. They did not disappoint! Sunday we got dressed up and celebrated a whole lot of love at a friend's wedding (did you catch our photo booth shenanigans?).

Our condo finally received power yesterday after Irma had her way with the transformer outside of our place. You know what that means...WE CAN FINALLY GO HOME! Ben and I have been playing house at Ben's grandparent's place since last Tuesday. They were super generous in letting us stay here while they stayed up in Illinois following their evacuation from the hurricane. In a way, it's felt like an extended vacation. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to get home and back to our normal routines though.

Today on Keeping up with Kahla, I want to chat with you about denim. Specifically the denim skirt. Raise your hand if you had one in middle school. Now keep your hand up if you wish you had kept it in your closet. You can bet my left hand is up as I type this with my right.

Middle school me never would have realized what a classic staple my denim skirt was. They're a switch up to the every day jean shorts, and keep it casual when an actual cotton skirt seems like too much. Like your favorite cutoffs, denim skirts pretty much go with everything. T shirts, bell sleeve blouses, you name it.

Naturally, I'm here to round up my top picks for this trend in different washes and at multiple price points. I recently scored one from Target just before Ben and I left for our trip to Illinois. I styled it here with an Illinois t-shirt. I can't wait to find more ways to wear it this fall.

*Use arrows below to scroll through items. Click item pictures below to be brought to their product page for purchase:


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