Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Reflections and 2018 Resolutions

And just like that January 1st, 2018 is here. A fresh start, a clean slate to get things right. I love welcoming a new year because it always feels like a new beginning. The "new" vibe rings true all around - you can literally feel it in the air. It's a time to sit down and reflect on the past to move forward with the future. Speaking of...let's chat about my 2017 resolution: putting self-care first.

Before I wrote this post, I sat down with Benny Boy to chat about how he felt I did with my goal of self-care for 2017. It seemed like it was a fair convo to have with him given he was the one constantly telling me to relax, to take time for myself, and to have "down time".

The short version:

Kahla: "Ben, do you think I accomplished my goal of self-care this year?"
Ben: "Honestly, no."
Kahla: "Well, I do feel busier than ever."
Ben: "Exactly."

Sooooo, I failed, BUT with that being said it wasn't for total lack of trying. For a while, Ben and I kept up on our Monday night beach walks. Those were great for just taking some time to clear my mind and not think about anything but the sand on my toes. Then the time change happened and we couldn't get down from work to the beach in time before the sunset. We're looking to pick those back up again on Sunday nights for the new year. At least until the time changes again in March, then we'll move those beach walks back to Mondays.

I worked out more. I had nights where I said I didn't have the energy to do anything and just needed a break and actually TOOK A BREAK. I took time to pamper myself with face masks, getting my nails done, stuff like that. Like I said - it's not like I didn't try. I just know that I could have done better with the whole "self-care" thing. Especially mentally.

I truly am busier than I've ever been. Being married, making time for family, balancing a social life with friends, traveling (work and personal). My blog has picked up which brings more blog events, which means more content creation for all of my social channels. I have my full time job, and I recently took on managing a new restaurant's social media.

No complaints, but your girl has a pretty packed schedule over here.

My guess is that 2018 will hold more of the same for me. Which I'm MORE than OK with, however I figured out that my resolution needs to go in a different direction than just saying "I need to put self-care first". I feel there are multiple steps to it. First and foremost, I honestly think the first step is cleaning up one specific area of my life. That area and the resolution that I want to focus on for 2018 is: time management.

I have the standard rezzies too: workout more, keep eating healthy, save more money (hoping for a house this year!), be more present (although wow that's challenging when literally everything is content when you're a lifestyle blogger). I feel that putting time management in front of those resolutions is going to give me more structure to accomplishing all the things that I want to get done. As we all know, I have an awful habit of trying to get five things done at one time. If I can just work on managing my time a little better and working intentionally in time blocks, then I can be even more efficient. Maybe even getting ten things done in the same amount of time instead of only five.

Ben bought me this Miracle Cube for Christmas. I'm really excited to try it out. I know you're probably thinking "Kahla, why can't you just set a timer on your phone?". Well friends, the phone is the problem. I can get lost in a black hole of emails, social media, etc. way too easily. With the Miracle Cube, that's all it is. A timing cube. No distractions there.

The hubs also bought me this pretty May Designs Planner to help layout our weeks. It'll give us a clear picture of what needs to be done and when. This planner should help me stay focused, and keep tasks in order - knowing what needs to happen first so that a second task can follow. I hold a TON of notes and tasks in OneNote, but there's something to be said about a physically laid out agenda with a full week's spread of events in front of you. I'm scheduling events like laundry, when our condo is being cleaned, and even making specific gym days.

Yes. Time management seems to be a great resolution for me in 2018. I'm going to make an effort with time blocking and using the tools that Ben bought me for Christmas. Wish me luck!

What are some of your resolutions for the new year? Are you struggling with time management too? If you're a pro at it, what are some of your tips for time management? 

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