Monday, January 15, 2018

Drybar in Tampa is Serving Up Blowouts [5 Reasons to Check Out Drybar Right Now!]

There’s a new bar in town friends, and it’s serving up something other than drinks (although champagne is available on request). Drybar opened its doors in Tampa’s Soho Collection last December. Their specialty? Blowouts.

I had the opportunity to attend Drybar’s preview event last month, and I’m not kidding when I tell you that I squealed (loudly) when I received the invite. I had rather limited knowledge about blowouts beforehand. At most, I knew that I followed multiple country star wives that got them done from time to time before award shows. I also knew their hair looked incredible after said appointments. Clearly a beauty process that was good enough for them, was going to be more than good enough for me. I happily (and maybe too eagerly) accepted the invite - multiple !!!s in my email and all.

What followed at the Drybar preview event was basically hair care heaven.

Upon entry into Tampa’s Drybar, you’re immediately asking “when can I move in here?” Its marble countertops and pops of yellow accents are the definition of aesthetically pleasing. You’ll receive a menu of Drybar’s blowout styles from which you’ll be able to choose for your hair. I opted for the Mai-Tai. It’s an effortless, tousled take on beachy hair waves. My “bartender” worked her magic on my hair as she washed, blowdried, and styled. While she did her thang, I worked my own magic and captured the experience ALL on Instagram Stories (check out the story highlight on my Instagram profile here).

Though I was a stranger to blowouts before my visit, I was no stranger to Drybar products. Their Triple-Sec 3 in 1 spray was one that had frequented my hair care drawer at home. It’s an amazing texturizer, volume adder, and refresher for your hair. Before I left Drybar after my appointment, I picked up their Hot Toddy heat protectant. I’ve been using it on my hair before each blow-dry at home and it’s proven worth the purchase. My hair feels softer and my frizz is way more at ease. The product doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy at all. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this as soon as it runs out.

Drybar has over 40 locations, and I can say with confidence that Tampa happily welcomed ours! Here’s five fabulous reasons why you should book an appointment at Drybar right now:
  1. You deserve to pamper yourself every now and again. Parks and Rec fans: this would fit perfectly into a classic Tom and Donna “Treat Yo Self” Day.
  2. There's no haircut or color, just a wash and blowout - which let’s be real, are the best parts of going to the salon anyway. #skiptothegoodpart
  3. DryBar will be your literal “happy place". The yellow accents inside of the salon will hit you with all of the good vibes. I actually asked my “bartender” why Drybar went with yellow as their color choice. The answer was simple: “because yellow makes you happy.” Makes sense to me. 
  4. It’s the perfect excuse to go all out for a special occasion: think New Year’s Eve, your birthday, your next celebratory date night, or just a good ole fashioned GNO (girl’s night out). Spoiler alert: Drybar will likely see me again next month for my birthday weekend.
  5. Your blowout will last you a few days which means your hair is one less thing you'll have to worry about. I was able to rock my blowout for five days. I had to add dry shampoo, a little texturizer, and a few touchups with my curling wand to prolong the blowout, but it saved me a ton of hassle and time dealing with my hair. I especially lucked out because my appointment was right before the holidays when Ben and I were slammed busy anyway. Not having to worry about my hair for a few days was a HUGE plus in my book.
Tampa's new Drybar is located inside of The SoHo Collection. Their address is 711 South Howard Avenue Tampa, FL 33606. Not near Tampa, FL? Check out Drybar's other locations here.

Visit the Drybar website here.

Shop Drybar products below. Use arrows below to scroll through items. Click item pictures to be brought to their product page for more information/purchase:


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