Tuesday, February 6, 2018

In MidiCi We Crust: A Review of St. Pete's Latest Neapolitan Pizza Joint

MidiCi is an LA based Neapolitan pizza company that has opened its doors in St. Petersburg. You know how Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco? Prepare to leave a PIZZA your heart at MidiCi’s. That seemed necessary. LOL, anyway. I had the opportunity to try out MidiCi in January at an influencer event and my tastebuds are still tingling. We were served family style as we made our way through each of the food courses. Midici did NOT disappoint. I sat with Lauren Perez of Lauren Perez Kitchen, her hubs, and of course my boo - Ben! You guys, TBH Ben's really loving the Instagram Hubs life. This is especially true when it involves food. He's also getting SO great behind the cam (he took most of these pictures).

MidiCi is located next to Tyrone Square Mall, but it doesn’t have that “mall lot restaurant” feel to it at all. When you walk in you feel like you’re at an upscale pizza place. Obviously a plus. The open kitchen concept gives your eyes full access to see pizzas and dishes being prepared. You’ll love the stunning marble countertops at MidiCi's bar top seating area. The pizza condiments bar is modernly pleasing to the eye. It’s easy to see that MidiCi pays attention to the details so that their customers can chow down on Italian fare with an aesthetically satisfying backdrop. And quite an Instagram-worthy one if I do say so myself.

Tampa Bay bloggers made their way to the assigned name cards at the their tables and the NOMfest began. We started with a house cheese board complete with toasted Neapolitan bread. These were followed by yummy crisp salads (we all know I love a good bed of greens, especially when balsamic reduction is involved). Our tastebuds twinged and twanged through the courses as we made our way to the star of the show: MidiCi's pizza.

Equipped with my Aperol Spritz (Prosecco, Aperol, + Soda) in hand, I was ready to enjoy some ‘za! Each table received different types of pizza to try. Our table received the Double Pepperoni (or Doppio Peperoni). Each bite was fresh and full of flavor. I appreciated the spice and large slices of savory pepperoni. Forget Arby’s; MidiCi definitely has the meats. And the crust. OH THE CRUST.

Our meals ended with the cutest handcrafted gelato flight and Midici's signature Nutella calzone. My sweet tooth went into complete overdrive. The Nutella calzone is 100% share-worthy. You can even add ricotta to it for an extra $1. Hear me out. Cheese doesn't necessarily rank in my highest highs when it comes to dessert; however, I love the textural component that ricotta brings to dishes so I would definitely opt to add it to my Nutella calzone.

The scoops of gelato were just the perfect amount of sweetness in a cup. I loved the creamy vanilla one! I’m pretty sure the yellow gelato was Mango, which would explain why it was Ben’s favorite. This gelato flight was such a sweet way to end our foodventure at MidiCi.

Oh yes, MidiCi’s pizza is something special. The chunks of just melted mozzarella. The generous portions. A crust that just doesn’t quit. It’s different than any pizza I’ve ever had around here which makes it that much more crave-worthy. Consider MidiCi on my list to revisit and when I do; their Pizza Margherita & Prosciutto has my name written all over it. And likely a ricotta filled Nutella calzone.

Make sure to visit MidiCi’s the next time you’re in St. Pete. Or ya know, on National Pizza Day this Friday (2/9). If you need more convincing make sure to check out the MidiCi story highlights on my Instagram profile.

From left to right: Mel of  Melissa Santell, Annie of Discovering Your Happy, Samantha of Samantha Rose Says, me - obvs, Lauren of Lauren Perez Kitchen, Jenn of This Jenn Girl
For more information:
MidiCi is located at 2424 Tyrone Blvd N, St. Petersburg, FL 33710
Check out MidiCi's website here.
Follow the MidiCi Tyrone Square Mall's Instagram here.

*The food shown above was provided by MidiCi to me for editorial review. All opinions expressed here in this post are my own.

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