Monday, March 5, 2018

Seven Backpacks That Are too Cool for School [and can be used in everyday life]

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Monday, my extra shot of espresso and I see you. As much as I love looking forward to a new week I think I'd rather sit here for a few more moments to reminisce on this weekend. Ben and I went out to The Dunedin Smokehouse Friday night (did you see the sweet potato waffle fries on insta?). Saturday we spent most of the day running errands then soaking in the good ole Florida sunshine at Sandkey Beach. On Sunday we vlogged more for our March 19th adventure. Any guesses on what the big news is that I'll be sharing with you all?

One of our stops on Sunday was Target. When we finished our shopping I perused the bathing suit section while Ben waited in the checkout line. I somehow magically appeared in the bags and accessories section. I like to call that a Target blackout moment and they are all too common for me. I have no idea how I found myself surrounded by bags since I promised Ben I'd only "hit the swim section and be right back". With a quick look over to the checkout line to see that Ben was still waiting, I quickly began walking up and down the bag aisles.

It became super clear to me that Target had a cute selection of backpacks. TBH the idea of carrying around a backpack is becoming more and more appealing to me lately especially when it comes to my 9-5 job. I recently got upgraded to a laptop there. I figured it'd be easy to use my Longchamp tote to bring said laptop back and forth from work to home.

I'm quickly realizing that it's a bit of a drag.

Not only does the laptop just barely fit into my tote (it's way larger than my tiny MacBook Air!), but it's kind of a hassle. Each morning I lug my tote, my lunch bag, a water bottle, hold my phone, and text Ben that I made it to work all at the same time while I walk into the office. It's a lot. First world problems? Definitely. But it's nothing an adorable backpack can't fix. If anything I could at least fit my smaller belongings into the pack, leaving my hands free to carry my laptop and lunch bag in. Sounds way better than lugging everything in my hands and on one shoulder all at once.

A backpack would also make transporting our vlogging equipment way easier. Not to mention CMA Fest is coming up in June. I could totally see myself rocking a backpack there too.

I did some digging online and found these seven backpacks from a few different retailers that I wanted to share with you all here. Personally, I want them all (one for each day of the week). What are your thoughts on backpacks? I haven't carried one since high school, but lately they seem so practical for the real world too.

Shop the post below by scrolling through the backpacks and clicking each product to go to its page for more info + purchase:


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