Wednesday, March 28, 2018

SURPRISE | Two Big Life Changes

By now you probably know that Ben and I are officially HOME OWNERS! I made the big announcement on March 19 over on Instagram. My Facebook page saw it shortly after that. Twitter has been listening to me tweet like a typical home owner (my love for finally having a garage is so real and tweet-worthy) WHAT. You still didn't know? Gotta keep up.

So many of you thought that I was going to surprise you all with a pregnancy announcement when I first posted that I had exciting news to share. I immediately questioned if I was eating one too many instagram-worthy dishes and it was showing in my photos. Kidding. Kind of.

Clearly a big heck no and for your information - I'm happily looking forward to my next vodka club this Friday night at Miguelitos in Tampa.

To be fair we did add a new member to the Brubaker clan that's sleeping at my feet as I type this. He was definitely not part of the original announcement, but he definitely makes it a heck of a lot sweeter.

Meet Nash! He joined our family on St. Patrick's Day, two days before our house closing. He's a little bundle of fur. And YES we absolutely did consider every St. Patrick's Day themed name for him. He was almost: Lucky, Clover, Paddy, and Guinness - with every intention of calling him "Guinny" of course. Nash fits him and the name is a perfect nod to Ben and I's love for Nashville.

Part of me thinks we're crazy for taking on two of these life events at once. First home, first puppy. Part of me also knows this is just how Ben and I tackle life together. We go all in.

This trio is trying to get back to our routines (and learning new ones!). The love, support, and help we've received from family, friends, and followers has been unmatched! Not a day has gone by that we haven't stopped in the chaos to appreciate it. Things will resume to normal soon enough I'm sure. As Ben says, "we just have to get there."

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