Wednesday, April 11, 2018

How to Shop My Looks Using the App

Let's be real here guys: I talk about on my Instagram a whole heck of a lot. Since joining the rewardStyle fam earlier this year, it's to be expected. has changed the online shopping game in the best way. If you ever see an item I'm wearing and you're wondering where I got it from - is for you. Tons of influencers and bloggers use LTK on the reg. They curate and link shoppable outfits/looks for you (the reader!) to browse and purchase from. It's truly a wondrous system. helps bloggers answer one simple question for their readers: "where did you get _____ (literally insert almost any item here) from". Isn't that the first question that pops into our heads when we're scrolling our social feeds and we see someone post: a picture of themselves wearing a cute striped dress, or a staged apartment shot with the coolest deco chair, or even a perfectly made-up face using the most flawless beauty products ever? With LTK your "where did you get that dress", "where is that deco chair from", and "what beauty products did you use for this look" questions are answered.

Today on Keeping Up with Kahla, I want to give you quick breakdown on how to use This step by step mini guide will get you up & running on LTK, following your favorite bloggers/influencers, and shopping their feeds in no time.

How to Shop My Looks Using the App

1. Download the app here and create your user account

2. Search for your favorite influencers/bloggers within the app under the search tab (circled in red)

3. You can find me under "keepingupwithkahla" or click here to bring up my LTK profile directly from this blog post.

4. This will bring you to my profile. Make sure that you click "follow" at the top of my LTK profile so that you'll always see my posts on your  LTK app feed. Currently that button is shown as "following" because I follow myself - no shame here.

5. Now here's the fun part. Whenever I post a new LTK image, and you see it come up on your feed, you can tap the image to see the product details. These product details are shown under the picture in a section called "Shop the Pic". Every product shown in this section is clickable. Once you click the product that you want more information on, will take you to the retailer's page for that product. At that point you'll feel just like you're shopping online the usual way. 
  • Keep in mind: I always try to link exact items shown in my pictures where I can. If an exact item cannot be linked through LTK, I like to include similar items at different price points.

In my opinion, the true beauty of is that it saves you the time of having to endlessly search for a product. Instead it brings you straight to the one you're interested in. I can't tell you how many times I've Googled or used Pinterest to track down a certain pair of shoes someone was wearing. Since I didn't get a chance to ask the person where they got the shoes from, I had to do my own research. Usually I had nothing to go on but my memory, descriptive words, and hoping for the best in my search. In LTK, you find out with one simple click where something is from because the blogger does the work for you. We take the time to find and link items we're wearing or loving so that you can shop them easier than ever.

There ya have it! A quick mini guide into the world of how to shop my looks on LTK. It makes you wonder how the online shopping world went so long without it. If you have any questions about and how it works, feel free to ask me. I'm always here to help! You an also find a ton of information on the website by clicking here.

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* is a website that uses affiliate links. Each time a purchase is made from my LTK affiliate links, I receive a commission based on the sale. 

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