Tuesday, May 8, 2018

30 Thoughts You'll Inevitably Have While Searching for Your First House Together

  1. THIS IS SO EXCITING!! I can't wait to have our first house together.
  2. Now we can validate all the hours we spend watching HGTV. Clearly it's for ALL THE HOME INSPO.
  3. OMG. Wait. We should totally apply to be on House Hunters.
  4. The house absolutely must have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a 2 car garage, indoor laundry, a nice big backyard, open kitchen, marble countertops, dedicated office space, wood floors, farm sink, a workout room, lots of natural light, double vanity sinks in the master bathroom. 
  5. We should check Zillow every day. Sign up for all of the alerts. Never miss.
  6. *while checking Zillow* Yeah, let's save this one. They might drop the price in a month or two.
  8. Um. Hello, sketchville. We're so not living here.
  9. NO. We are not buying any more furniture until we move into a new house.
  10. But, how old is that roof?
  11. I'm really into craftsman style houses right now.
  12. THIS HOUSE IS SO CUTE AND CHARMING AND UM so small. Wait, why does this look so much smaller than the pictures online?
  13. They bought it and listed it in two months? Definitely a flip.
  14. I'm just looking for that good ole HGTV "character" they always talk about.
  15. Maybe staying where we are for another year won't be so bad.
  16. Can we even afford a house right now?
  17. Why does this house look so much more run down than the pictures?
  18. Ok. That's it. No more saving Zillow houses that we aren't serious about. 
  19. Could we live in a tiny home?
  20. My Pinterest is literally overflowing with dream homes. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHERE THESE ARE HIDING ON ZILLOW.
  21. Pinterest and Zillow need to collaborate. You should be able to pin your dream homes on Pinterest and let Zillow work to find ones that resemble it. Boom. Million dollar idea.
  22. Maybe we only need 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Eventually (in like 5 years) we can install our own farm sink and marble countertops. And hey, I like being as close as possible to you - so maybe those double vanity sinks aren't SO necessary.
  23. Oh, this house is cute. It'd definitely be a fixer upper. WE COULD TOTALLY BE THE NEXT CHIP AND JO. 
  24. *while touring a house* We could knock down that wall and really open the space up.
  25. Can we survive living in the dust and reno of a fixer upper? I can't even stand when I leave home without making the bed. 
  26. Oh! Let's go see this house. *love it* Let's bring my mom to the house. *love it even more*. Let's bring my grandparents, aunt, and cousins to the house. *Love it more than the last two times we saw it*. Let's go to the open house on Sunday and give fake names so they don't know it's us seeing the house for a fourth time. *goes to open house and pretends we haven't seen any of this already* (based on a very, very true story)
  27. Should we put an offer in? If we lowball, they might pull a Zedd and Maren Morris and meet us in the middle.
  28. I mean to be completely honest, it's not super perfect. It still needs some updating so clearly it's priced too high. How could they NOT accept our offer?
  29. *Realize we can't afford the house at the price point, even if we do lowball it*

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