Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Headphone Highlights: Jordan Davis

Whaddup! I’d like to welcome back one of my favorite series to Keeping Up with Kahla today: Headphone Highlights. As I write this post I’m remembering that this is a series I miss having around  KUWK. I truly do enjoy sharing artists with you all that I'm jamming out to. Previously my Headphone Highlights posts have seemed slightly lengthy. I've decided to shake up the format a teensy bit to make this series shorter, sweeter, and to the point(er?).  So let's get to it shall we? Today's featured Headphone Highlights artist is: Jordan Davis.

How I discovered him: This is going to sound ridiculous given the premise of this post, but honestly, anytime I heard Singles You Up (Davis’s first single) come on the radio I changed the station. It wasn’t until I watched the video on CMT’s Hot 20 Countdown that I realized I liked the song. It's very possible that I was too intrigued by his beard to change the channel.

Songs I love: Take It from Me, Tough to Tie Down, Selfish, Leaving New Orleans, More Than I Know

Why he’s a featured HH artist: For starters, Kip Moore (another HH featured artist of mine) brought Davis on tour with him. I missed the show, but that was enough of an indicator for me that I’d likely someday become a Jordan Davis fan. And whaddya know - here we are. His debut album Home State has just the right balance of croony, feel good, get out of your seat and dance music. While Ben and I were at CMA Fest in Nashville, we found ourselves front row to Davis's show at the Riverfront Stage. He ROCKED it and I found myself walking away an even bigger fan.

Listen/follow along to Jordan Davis here:


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