Monday, July 23, 2018

Nash Pupdate || 6 Months Old

Now that my travel schedule has slowed down, I finally have a chance to be home with Nash! This puppy season of his life is just so much fun. It's 100% a learning experience and definitely tests my patience, but I wouldn't change it for anything. Nash is a furry bundle of energy that keeps me on my toes at all times. I thought it would be fun to document an occasional puppy update (or as I like to call it - a "pupdate") on Keeping Up with Kahla about what Nash is up to lately. Plus it'll give me one more reason to share more photos of my puppo, because we all know I needed that.

Age: Nash is a whopping 6 months old now.

Loves: Nash loves his avocado toy. I actually had to buy him a second one because the first 'cado was looking a little "ruff" (get it, get it). He's obsessed with his Kong toys too especially when they're filled with peanut butter.

Eats: ALL the Eukanuba puppy chow! I remember in the beginning when we first got Nash we had to hand feed him his food to make sure he ate - a process that seemed to take an hour. Nowadays when it's food time there's no kibble left behind. It's all gone in a matter of minutes. Nash also loves good ole' peanut butter. Every few nights I fill up Nash's Kong toys with it and freeze them (he gets one of these a day when I leave for work). While I'm getting them ready for the days ahead, he'll not so patiently wait in the kitchen so I can sneak him some PB.

Learning: Nash has mastered sitting, especially when treats are involved. He also knows what "crate" means. He hops right into it during the day and at night, especially when treats are involved. At 6 months Nash is finally tall enough to peep his head out of our home's front window. No treats involved - he just loves watching (and barking at) the world going by. Potty training has been WORLDS better now more than ever. Accidents are few and far between these days. Getting rid of puppy pads a few months back and going through with crate training was one of the best decisions that Ben and I made as pup parents.

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