Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 Highlights, Lowlights, & 2019 Intentions

Reflecting on 2018 and sharing my intention for 2019

I don't know about you, but I love reading other blogger's posts about their year in reviews. I also love reading through their intentions for the new year. It's uplifting in a way. We're all here on January 1 with a clean slate to make the year ahead whatever we want it to be.

When I think back to my 2018 (AKA scroll my camera roll), there are definitely some notable highlights that made it an incredible year:
  • Ben and I bought our first house. Since then we've hosted multiple events including Friendsgiving and a Hot Chocolate Party on Christmas Eve.
  • We became a family of three with our pup, Nash. Pomeranians were my dream dog for SO long and to finally have little Nashy prancing around our house is just a literal dream come true.
  • I landed my first EVER paid blog post collaboration.
  • I was featured in a Narcity article that listed out 31 Tampa girls killing it on Instagram (I'm in fabulous company on that list too).
  • Ben and I traveled a TON (it made for some amazing travel content).
  • I landed my first hotel collaboration.
  • 2018 was the year that everyone Ben and I knew got married. We attended SO many weddings and loved every second of it (especially the destination ones).
  • Media events filled up my calendar which led to meeting a ton of new blogger friends. It also helped me become closer with the ones I already knew.
  • Ben and I celebrated two wonderful years of marriage.
  • I became a member of the rewardStyle fam and because of that I'm happily linking looks with LTK almost daily. 

Along with those highlights came a few lowlights to learn from:
  • I had my first anxiety attack 
  • I was in my first car accident (not Ben or I's fault by any means, and we were lucky enough to walk away from it)
  • Ben's grandpa passed away this summer and I attended my first funeral

When I think ahead to what I want my 2019 to look like, it's best summed up with a word. They say that's a good idea ya know - to assign a word to your year. Almost like an overall theme. Mine is going to be positivity. Up until last year I truly viewed myself as a positive person. I learned recently through a conversation with my mom that I'm actually very selective about the things I'm positive about. What a reality check to have. I was SHOOK.

I realized I was only positive about the good things that happened to me (naturally). I let the bad things take up WAY too much brain space. Worse than that - they were still affecting me months later because of how negatively I felt towards them.


If I'm only positive about the good things, where's the growth in that? Finding the good in the good is easy. It's finding the positives in the bad situations that's going to help me become a better person.

For example: instead of holding onto so much anger towards the man who crashed into us causing our car accident, I'm trying my best to reflect on the positives from the situation. I'm focusing on the fact that Ben and I were able to WALK AWAY in tact from that accident. I'm thankful that my car is fixed. As cliche as it sounds, going through that experience gave me an appreciation for how quickly life really can change in the blink of an eye. 

See? Way healthier than stewing over every possible terrible scenario that (I thought) should happen to said man that hit us. He turned our life upside down, but there were positives to keep in mind. That's what I focused on to get through the fact that the car accident had happened to us. Focusing on the negative only ruined my mood. My days. It wasn't helping anything and I didn't want to waste negative energy on it anymore. It wasn't healthy. 

This is going to be a work in progress. My mind is going to need some positivity training and I realize that. I'm up for the challenge. With every negative situation, I'll be looking for that bright side. With any negative thought, I'll outweigh it with a positive one. I'm ready for this change. My mind is ready for this change. There's always good to see - you just have to choose to see it.

And in 2019 I'm going to see it.

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