Sunday, January 13, 2019

Get to the Gym: Athletic Wear Finds

Roundup of athletic wear including sports bras, workout tank tops, leggings, joggers, and athletic shoes

I haven’t been to our gym in at least a month. Blame it on the holiday season. Blame it on our trip to New Orleans (although I did workout once at the hotel gym). Blame it on me shuddering at the thought of how crowded the gym is going to be since it’s January.

There’s a million and one reasons why I haven’t found a time to go. At this point I’m overly grateful that we have an elliptical at home that I can use.

Having previously written a post about how to get yourself motivated to go the gym, you’d think it’d be easier for me to get my butt back there. I’m ready for my routine again, but I’m needing a little extra push.

What’s more motivating than a brand new spiffy gym ‘fit? Maybe receiving the news that your 10 year high school class reunion is actually happening this year, but that’s a post for another day. I took a peak at the latest athletic wear offerings from my favorite retailers and wanted to share my findings with you all.

Shop my picks below by clicking on a product to be brought to its retailer's page. You can also shop the image at the top of this blog post by clicking the black icons next to each item (it's interactive).

Sports Bras & Tanks:

Leggings & Joggers:



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