Hi! I'm Kahla. I’m a twenty-something millennial residing in Tampa Bay with my husband and puppy. I have a strong belief in karma and dry shampoo. I love a good pun and can completely appreciate a witty Instagram caption. I'm a Florida native through and through - I've actually lived in Clearwater my whole life.

Blogging has always been something that’s made sense to me. I’m an over sharer and love connecting with others. I like to keep it light and chatty on Keeping Up with Kahla. My readers feel like they are sitting next to me having a conversation rather than reading my words through a computer screen. That to me is priceless.

After years of on again, off again blogging, countless name changes, and a love for writing -  Keeping Up with  Kahla became a reality in January 2016. Written and edited by Kahla Brubaker, Keeping Up with Kahla is a Tampa-Bay based blog. Its pages are full of lifestyle nuggets, foodie  faves all around the Bay, travel tell-alls, and anything else  that makes Kahla say “this is SO going on the blog”.

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